GEORGESTOWN ALERT:  Fundraiser for Wayne Skinner

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1. Burger Fest at the Hungry Heart
2. The Tightrope of Work/Life Balance
3. Heritage Financial Incentives Program
4. What’s on at The Rooms
5. What’s on at Holy Heart Theatre
6. What’s on at The Lantern
7. Lending Libraries and Repair Shops
a. St. John’s Tool Library
b. Ordinary Spokes: bike repair for all
c. St. John’s Baby Clothes Library
8. Eating in Georgestown
a. Georgestown Café and Bookshelf
b. Georgestown Bakery
c. The Hungry Heart
d. The Rooms Café
9. Music Lessons in and near Georgestown
10. St. John’s E-updates
A note from the editor: As the province is taking measures regarding COVID-19 and we experience interruptions and uncertainty, let us remember to be kind with each other, check in with each other, and love each other. Be well.

** Wayne’s World of Friends and Supporters

** Wayne’s World (of Friends and Supporters) is an initiative to help our friend, Wayne Skinner, after he was struck by a vehicle this weekend. He is currently in hospital after sustaining injuries during the accident.

Known throughout St. John’s as the Governor of Georgetown, Wayne has been collecting recycling around this and other neighbourhoods in St. John’s for years. Besides providing a regular and friendly service to keep our town and our households tidy, Wayne brings a kind word and frank, friendly conversation to the door a couple of times each week.

Rain or shine, Wayne could be counted on. He kept a close watch on his regular schedule and route. His laughter and smile are just a small part of his charm. Neighbours often marvelled at his strength and dedication, putting in long hours pushing and hauling his custom-built recycling cart up and down hills, through the side streets and alleys, all to help support himself and his wife.

Like many, we read with concern about his accident. After reaching out to his brother, we decided to pull together this campaign to help support our friend, an MVP in our community, to give some support and assistance as his injuries heal.

Please donate at
and spread the word to others, too. If there is another way that you’d like to help, please contact us at the Facebook page of the same name. All efforts are greatly appreciated! Let’s send a message to our buddy Wayne that he’s an important part of our world and that we wish him a speedy recovery.
(This campaign is organized by neighbourhood resident Ruth Lawrence.)
For people who live, work and play in Georgestown.

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